The Lessons

My approach

No matter your level of skill or experience, you’ll gain a lot from the lessons. We approach the lessons with an element of fun and curiosity to discover your range, tone, breath capacity, and start with a music style you feel completely comfortable with.

In many cases students start to tackle songs they wouldn't of considered before.

Every student is different and I adjust my teaching style to suit their individual needs. Some students for example come to focus primarily on one fundamental aspect which can be anything from

confidence, stretching their range, a specific audition piece or pending performance, practise singing and playing an instrument at the same time, learning to harmonise with their bandmates, sing a solo in their choir or just being able to sing to themselves or in front of others without feeling self conscious.

No matter the reason for taking lessons we know from a scientific perspective singing and breathing techniques are a very healthy way to release stress, improve memory function, focus, and raise serotonin levels (happy hormone). I also hold two diplomas in sound and voice therapy which can be useful particularly when working with a lack of confidence and/or performance anxiety.


I do require 24 hours notice for cancellation of bookings or a charge will applied for the lesson in full. Outside 24 hours gives me plenty of time to refill the slot. 

What we will cover

  • Breath capacity

  • Technical exercises and vocal scales accompanied by piano

  • Breath control

  • The vocal ranges - Head voice, mid voice & chest voice

  • The vocal break

  • Your personal vocal range 

  • Diction across multiple disciplines

  • Vocal dynamics

  • Belting the voice safely

  • Face shapes and pronunciation

  • Posture & relaxing

  • Projection using the diaphragm

  • Emotion in performance and various ways we can connect with it

  • Understanding ebb & flow

  • Mic techniques

  • Performance techniques

  • Breathing practises

  • Biology of the vocal cords, larynx and diaphragm - How they work. 

  • Preparation for open mics/auditions and performances

  • Harmonising 


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